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2020 Changed My Life!

September 2019 I made my very first video. Well kind of. I Found a free video editing software for beginners and snapped together a bunch of pictures I had taken of us remodeling the bakery. I had an idea.

The idea was to give the bakery a more personal feel, the way the Joey and Rory show did for the mealhouse! A way for people to experience the bakery, the people in it, and the stories of life and faith that revolved around it before they ever set foot in the building.

I had no experience in making videos. Just an idea.

At a songwriter’s night in late 2019, I shared this idea with my friend Kristian, not only did he love it, but he also told me his son Jaeden was into videography and would love to help.

Kristian helped me write a voice over, Jaeden came down and recorded some bakery footage and created an amazing promo video that we released in February of 2020. With no background in videography, I was curious to see the process so I asked if I could also be a part of the editing.

That is where everything changed for me!

Please check out the video below for the rest of the story!

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