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Gospel Sundays With Danny Potter

It’s Sunday, and like every Sunday since Covid hit, I’m heading down to the bakery to meet Danny Potter.

The bakery is closed on Sundays, so it’s just me and Danny……and 30,000 folks on Facebook!

Danny Potter is a long-time friend of our family. Him and Rory met back in the 90’s when Rory came to town to pursue songwriting. Danny and I met in early 2000 at a family get together and we’ve had a special connection ever since.

When we remodeled the bakery before we opened in 2018, we added a stage. The bakery can only hold about 50 people at most so we thought it could be a neat and intimate place for anyone willing to get up and sing, along with songwriter’s nights, karaoke, workshops, and many other things……We never imagined the bakery would be able to fit 30,000.

Not long after we opened Danny asked if he could come play Gospel music for an hour on Sunday’s. I smiled and told him he could come play Gospel music every day!

Danny spent his whole life in the music industry as an artist and songwriter. He cut several albums and had many of his songs recorded. Not long-ago Danny decided what time he had left on earth he was gonna devote it to God. I told Danny he should write a book!

When Covid hit in late March and everything began to shut down it was without question Sundays would be shutdown also.

But we had an Idea.

I was just getting into videography at the time and asked Danny if he would like to try to do a Facebook Live.

He loved it.

I would get to do what I loved, and he would get to do what he loved and what better time to do it then when people are stuck inside, worried about what may come of this Covid-19.

We did a few practice rounds and then on April 1st of 2020 we went live.

Danny plays songs he has written, hymns he loves, and talks about his passion for the Lord through stories and scripture. He shares his feelings on life from time to time, and his own struggles, routines, and motivations.

When we started we only had a few hundred people watching. Now we have a few thousand.

Danny’s devotion to God has touched so many lives and inspired so many more. Like mine.

I don’t think Danny knows it, but he has truly had an impact on my life. He not only treats me like a friend but he cares for me like a father. Like our father.

Love you Man!

Check out the video I made for it! Don’t Forget To Subscribe!!

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