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She Missed Her Marc

I was working in the milk barn a few days ago when I got a text from Jenny our server down at the mealhouse, asking if I had known a guy by the name Marc Harris from when I was in recovery the first time. The name sounded familiar but I couldn’t really say for sure. The message also said, “ His mama is here and would like to meet you and your mama”.

Now ever since the cooking show mom has people come from all over the country to stop in the mealhouse in hopes of seeing Her or Rory. They even sometimes ask for a special request that Her or Rory come down to meet them. But it had never happen to me till now!

In a way I was surprised and kinda excited. I realize part of putting my life out there in blogs and videos could someday lead to people wanting to meet me, recognize me in stores, or ask special favors of me. And to be honest it’s not something I ever thought I would want… all! But it hasn’t really happened till now, so I didn’t know how I would react.

I called mom and asked if she wanted to ride down and say hi. I was nervous at this point. I was wondering if this is something I really wanted. I want to share my life, have an impact on people in some way, the way people have had an impact on me, or even give a little hope, but do I want this?

As I sat in the parking lot waiting on mom to get there I couldn’t help but want more information, so I text Jenny asking specifically how this lady knew me. Mom pulled in and my phone dinged again. “She said you and her son knew each other.” I was still struggling to place his name. The first time I went to rehab was in 2013. That was 8 years ago at this point. I had gone to rehab 2 more times since then and more than a dozen relapses, so my memory was not top notch! The next ding was where God stepped in.

“She said her son passed away 5 years ago.”

I wasn’t about to walk in and meet a fan. I was about to shake hands with that impact I’ve been wanting to have. I felt my pupils get big and the God bumps raise up on my arms.

I never experienced death from drugs and alcohol like I did when I was in Memphis. I had at least 8 people I knew die from overdose while I was there. My cousin in Alabama passed away from alcohol while I was in Memphis and a really close friend of mine in Lebanon, Tn also passed from alcohol not long after.

Part of the reason I decided to start sharing my story was because I too almost didn’t make it.

I lifted my head up with confidence, gave a little nod to the Good Lord Above and I walked through the side door of that restaurant with God at the steering wheel.

There weren’t any tears, only hugs and smiles. She asked if I remembered her Marc and I couldn’t help but admit my memory was a wreck. I asked if she had a picture and she pulled one up on her phone.

And there was Marc.

My roommate from the first time I’d ever gone to rehab! I remembered very well. Man that guy could snore some logs!

We had a great talk. She remembered mom from the family weekend at the rehab. Mom had brought Elvis cake and spent some time with them since Marc and I were roommates. She had been following the restaurants ever since then and recently seen that I was doing well, sharing my story, and she wanted to finally make the trip to come see us. She told me how proud she was of me……… and how much she missed her Marc.

It goes without saying that little meeting had a huge impact on me. I left there thinking a lot about addiction, how it affects so many peoples. Not only the person struggling but the people affected by it.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I’m praying for you, I know your there and you’re not alone!

If you ever need to talk or get something off your shoulders you can email me at:

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