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Tall Bearded Vlogger

I recently started Vlogging! And I think I’m in Love 🙂

I became interested in videography and editing while Jaeden, and Kristian Kennedy were helping me put together the videos for Marcy Jo’s Bakery “Story Time”. I had been wanting to do something to help promote the bakery on a personal level for awhile. I just wasn’t sure what, or how. I had a vision for what I wanted it to look like, but had no idea how to make it happen. I knew I wanted it to be centered at the bakery, but not necessarily about me. That’s where Jaeden Kennedy Films came in. He had come in a week or so before and shot the footage for the trailer for “Story Time”, and I loved it. So we got a friend to volunteer for the first video. Jaeden brought his camera, lighting, microphones and everything needed to get great footage for a video. All I had was my trusty ole Canon Vixia, and a tri pod! We shot the video and took it back to his house to edit. Jaeden let me tag along, because of course I was curious, and I wanted to help bring my vision to life any way I could. I believe that is where I fell in love! As I watched the footage get uploaded and laid out in the editing software, I began to realize that the possibilities for creativity were endless. And even though Jaeden is a young videographer, he was Clickin and a Poppin that content together like a pro….. He had 3 computer monitors all working together in sync. I was in awww……. I couldn’t stop asking questions. I had never had any interest in making videos or even how it was done till that point. We went back and forth for at least an hour editing, me asking questions, and deciding if we needed more footage.

Before we could get back together to work more on the video, the Covid-19 pandemic had showed it’s face and locked us all down. But it didn’t stop me. I went round and round for at least a month watching videos about videography, editing, how tos, and other vloggers. I became obsessed with figuring out how to start shooting videos, what I wanted to shoot, and what would be my why! At this point it was more than just promoting the bakery. It was a creative outlet that I had never explored before. It was about LIFE, recovery, parenthood, nature, restaurant owners, creativity! The more I watched other vloggers the more I wanted that to be what I was doing. That way it could be about all of it!

I have decided I want to try to build a platform to bring awareness, recognition, or shine my light on people and things I think are interesting or important to me along with Marcy Jo’s of course. I thought I needed a camera like Jaeden and 3 computer screens, and an awesome computer for editing software. But it turns out you can start with a whole lot less. And even though I wanted all the finest equipment, I couldn’t afford it, and I didn’t want to wait another minute.

On April 27th 2020, I started carrying ole trusty everywhere I went. I downloaded premier pro editing software and prayed my laptop was good enough to operate it. AND IT WAS! I went and bought the cheapest monitor I could find to add to my laptop to help with editing, and away I went. I’ve been shooting everything. Mostly me driving and talking because that’s a lot of what I do for the restaurants. But I’m loving it. I come home with hours of footage and I upload it into the editing software and start dragging and clicking. LEARNING! I constantly watch tutorials and other vloggers to get an idea of transitions, and so much more. I’ve been getting up at 4 a.m. every morning to vlog and edit because the editing process takes time, especially when you’re learning. My wife and I have also been doing a Facebook live every morning since we are up. @tallbeardeddoughboy .

So understanding learning how to vlog would be a process. I started a thing called Negative Vlogs. Basically I figured it would take at least 30 vlogs before I could start making fairly decent videos. So I’ve started at Vlog #Negative -30 and I’m counting down to Vlog #1. In hopes that by the time I get to #1 I’ll be making good videos and have a good idea of what my style is and how I want to go about vlogging.

I figured I could use the blog to help give behind the scenes stories to some of the vlogs that I do. Not all stories are best told with videos!

I would love it if ya’ll would check out my vlogs (TallBeardedDoughboy) and subscribe. That way you can follow my progress and give me feedback on how I’m doing. I’ll need all the feedback I can get!

Here’s my latest Vlog named “A Million Miles” Let me know what you think. And don’t forget to Subscribe!

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