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What Are We Doing!

Mom and I have vlogged together some. We did a series called Monday’s With Marcy. Ten of them. And she’s been in and out of the vlogs along the way. We’ve talked about doing a cooking show of some sort for quite a while now. But one thing leads to another and it never happens.

But now were giving it a shot.

Mom and Joey did a cooking segment as a part of the Joey and Rory show. They did 52 episodes, each being about 3 to 4 minutes long, and mom’s life hasn’t been the same since. People still to this day come in the restaurant from across the country to see her and see the restaurant where the cooking show was filmed. There was something special about that cooking show. I’m not sure if it was because it was part of a bigger story, the old building, the style of cooking they were doing, or that people just love Mom and Joey, but it was and still is special.

Mom has always wanted to continue that. The effect it had to have people come in everyday and love to see her, tell her how much they enjoyed the show and what it meant to them, gave Mom a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning, like she was doing something to help folks in some way. Whether she gave them entertainment or hope, it didn’t matter, she had finally made it to a place in her life where she felt like she was doing something special.

Joey passed away in March of 2016 so she’s not here to continue the cooking show with Mom, but her legacy lives on through our family and our family restaurants.

Marcy Jo’s

Last year Uncle Rory and Aunt Candy opened Marcy Jo’s Muletown in downtown Columbia. A sister restaurant! And the talks of a Sister cooking show started stirring up again. Uncle Rory had just started another TV Series on RFD and was working on the possibilities of adding the cooking show to it but as we all know life happened again. Covid happened.

So here we are a year later and Covid hasn’t gone anywhere, and our idea for the cooking show hasn’t either! We don’t have RFD as a means to publish our cooking show for thousands and thousands of people to see (YET) but were still doing it. Because we have hope. Hope our show may reach people and we can continue to share our lives.

We have started a YouTube channel named Marcy Jo’s. The idea is to film cooking shows and so much more. Basically anything that has to do with, or revolves around Marcy Jo’s. We plan to try to record once a week and see what we can come up with. I’ve only got 10 months of filming experience so it’s not gonna be TV grade production, but I think that’s going to help add to the feel. It’s real!

I hope you check out the channel and give us feedback. We can use it! And were gonna keep on keeping on as we try to change lives’……One show at a time!

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