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You Complete US

The day Hannah told me about Theo, I was without a doubt shocked. I came home from work and she was in the bedroom. She told me she had something to tell me. She asked me to sit down on the bed and close my eyes. A small part of me knew, but I was scared, terrified actually. I was about to be 40 years old, I was still trying to figure out life, I felt somewhat selfish, I didn’t think I could handle it, the thought of bringing a new born baby into our family was something we talked about but never decided on. We knew it wouldn’t be easy. So, we decided to put it in God’s hands. And what happens when you put things in God’s hands… Miracles happen.

She said open your eyes and there she stood, holding a pregnancy test, with two little pink lines. Once again my life changed, it shifted. I could feel myself taking yet another step out of boyhood into manhood. The God bumps crawled up and down my skin and the lump in my throat told me nothing would be the same. And it hasn’t been.

My beautiful wife and best friend brought our little boy into this world February 7th of 2022. It was a day, a cry, a drive home, an excitement I’ll never forget. We decided to name him Theodore Bear Hunt. Our little Teddy Bear.

I can’t help but think of the movie Jerry Maguire. The scene where he says, “you complete me.”

When I met Hannah, she had Annabelle who was 12 years old, I had Olivia who was 2, and now we have Theo… together… and He completes US.

I made a birthday video of a few clips from this past year. I could have made it an hour long easily, but for the sake of our YouTube channel I shortened it up a little.

On his actual birthday we took him to Henry Horton State Park and took some pictures, then we went home and sang him happy birthday with a sugary birthday cupcake. (That he didn’t like at all!) That following weekend Hannah and her mama set up a beautiful birthday party at The One Room Schoolhouse where we spent the evening with family and friends celebrating our teddy bear.

I love all of my kids, I love being a father and I’m thankful for my beautiful wife who stands beside me on the edge of this crazy world, looking up at God, scared to death, saying, “it’s in your hands.”

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